Map Of Cumbria Councils

A new future for local government in Cumbria

This proposal would see Cumbria’s existing seven councils replaced with one new Council allowing for rapid and efficient transition to focus on transformation, delivery and provide a strong foundation for a future devolution deal. This proposal offers a clear vision and a number of significant benefits for the people of Cumbria.

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Next Steps

Government have now concluded their formal consultation on the future of local government in Cumbria.

The closing date for feedback was Monday 19th April. Any update on their decision is not expected until the summer (2021).

Information about the government consultation can be found here.

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What is the Government consulting on

The government is consulting on proposals to change the way local government is organised in the county, from the current system of a county council and six district councils to a system of a unitary council or councils (providing the services currently delivered by the county and district councils). This consultation is not about devolution and whether to have a different governance / leadership model, like the mayoral model, that some other areas like Manchester have.

What is devolution?

Devolution is where national government hands down some powers and resources to a local area.

How will the One Cumbria proposal help secure devolution for Cumbria?

The One Cumbria proposal to create a new, single council will result in a strong, single voice for Cumbria for influencing and securing investment for Cumbria. It will be the basis for simplified and effective arrangements for working with other Cumbria partners – including the Cumbria LEP and Cumbria Chamber of Commerce – on supporting the local economy in all parts of Cumbria to grow.

Who will make the decision on which option is the best for Cumbria?

Everybody who wants to will be able to respond to the Government’s consultation on which option is best for Cumbria. The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government will make the final decision on which of the options will be implemented – but then everybody will have the opportunity to have their say on what the new council or councils will look like and how they will operate as a new council or councils are created.